Blogging For Success – 7 Tips on How to Increase Readership

Not only can a blog allow individuals to speak their mind, but can also help businesses successfully reach a broader audience for the promotion of their products and services. A whole new world of consumer and social interaction is found with blogging, but there are certain rules of etiquette and various approaches that can create successful bonds with readers. Below are seven tips on how to increase blog readership:

1) Marketing

When you start a blog, the only people who have a clue that it is in existence are the people you tell — like family and friends. The more attention you create — the more visitors will come. Marketing your blog is an important part of the process. A few ways to achieve this goal is to comment on other blogs or forums; trade links with other bloggers; and submit your blog to a social bookmarking site like Stumbleupon.

2) First Impressions

When posting content to your blog, pay attention to your headline, as this will entice readers to continue reading and gain interest in what you have to say. The next important aspect of blogging is to concentrate on the first couple of sentences of your content. A couple of suggestions include opening your post by posing a question; sharing a quote or anecdote; using a metaphor, simile, or analogy; and citing an eye-catching statistic that leads into interesting data.

3) Format

Make sure your blog posts are presented in a manner that is pleasing to the eye. Use subheadings, lists, and images to increase readability and appearance. Rest assured — if a reader consistently finds large blocks of text with no visual relief — you stand to lose visitors. This will certainly hurt if you are trying to make money with your blog.

4) Value

Why should someone read your blog? What sort of value will you provide the public? Why should they spend their precious time reading what you have to say? A successful blog offers value to their readers through the posted content that encourages repeat visitors and creates a site that finds a place within their list of bookmarked pages.

For example, if you own a home and garden blog — create content that helps gardeners choose the best seasonal flowers or produce the largest tomatoes. A video game blogger will benefit by posting reviews of the latest game titles. In the end, the more value you offer your readers — the more traffic is generated for your site. You will also find that your current readership will recommend you to others and link to your most relevant content.

5) Consistency

Your readers, subscribers, comments, and overall traffic will increase when you consistently post to your blog. Good advice is to create a handful of posts at once and set your system to post in your favor for the coming days. This way — you can save time and energy in regards to blogging on a routine basis.

6) Do Not Force Posts

It is not a must to post every single day and if you miss Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday — your entire blogging world will not come to a standstill. Posting to your blog is a choice that should not become a forced issue. Your best writing will come when you are enthusiast about what you have to say.

7) Avoid Hitting a Wall

Once the initial newness and excitement has worn off — a lot of individuals encounter a ‘blogging slump’ after a few months have passed — like running out of ideas for posts. However, you can check news headlines; keep an ear open at work, school, or play; skim books and magazines; listen to comments posted on your blog; and browse forums, online discussions, and other blogs in order to gain inspiration.

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